14k Gold Prices: How to Calculate the Value of 14k Gold

Posted on May 12,2014

Calculating the value of gold is fairly easy, as you only need a few values.  You also only need a few items to do so for your pieces at home.  The rest of this post will give you the information you need to calculate the value of your 14k gold pieces.


Tools You Need


Necessary Conversions


To begin calculating the price of your 14k gold, you need to look up the market price of gold.  There are a number of resources online to find the market price of gold, and most of them will give you both a live-stream of the market price and the last closing price from the day before.  Currently, the market price of gold stands at just under $1300/troy ounce.  The market price is predicated on the measurement of a troy ounce (slightly larger than a regular ounce) and a carat value of 24 (pure gold).


For specific instructions regarding calculating the value of gold, check out this guide on our website.  It’s perfectly acceptable for you to estimate the value of your 14k gold pieces, but it may be prudent for you to also take it to a local jeweler for appraisal.  Some Cash For Gold businesses, online and off, will also appraise your piece for free if you send pictures/descriptions or bring the piece in.

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