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The Value of Money

Posted on  Aug 07,2017  by 

Money is funny, no? I mean, I’m sure we all have those doubts sometimes. ‘Why does this piece of paper have value? Why can I use it to buy things?’ After all, we look at how it’s built and suspect there isn’t actually anything underneath it that holds any kind of value. That makes a… Continue reading →

What Else is Gold Used For? Interesting Uses of Gold

Posted on  Jun 25,2017  by 

We all know the common uses of gold. People wear it or store it. In both cases, you could argue it’s not the gold itself that is of primary interest but the value and cultural significance we associate with it. If you don’t believe me, try buying your lover something made of fool’s gold. “But… Continue reading →

Is Gold a Good Investment? Gold Prices in the Past 20 Years

Posted on  Dec 24,2014  by 

There are thousands of businesses looking to purchase your gold, but you may be wondering if they’re pulling a fast one on you. Are they trying to offer you less than it’s worth? Are they speculating on a market that’s about to explode and you should just wait it out? Selling your gold is a… Continue reading →

How Much Can I Sell My Gold Rings & Jewelry For?

Posted on  Nov 13,2014  by 

While the process of selling your gold is fairly straightforward, many people are wary of it because, especially with online sellers, you don’t have face-to-face contact and are forced to relinquish the items without an estimate on their value. Receiving a good estimate on your pieces can be tricky, so here are three tips to… Continue reading →

Types of US Gold Coins and Their Value

Posted on  Oct 30,2014  by 

In its short history, the United States has gone through dozens of kinds of coins, including classics such as the Buffalo nickel, the Wheatpenny, and the JFK half-dollar.  These coins and others have been made with different metals during different periods in history.  Various alloys and metals, both pure and diluted, that have been used… Continue reading →