Broken Gold Jewelry: Is It Worth As Much?

Posted on Oct 27,2014

If you’re new to the gold market, you probably have a lot of questions about how it works, how you can determine the worth of your items, which items are worth more, etc.  Here is a simple guide to determining the worth of your pieces according to current market prices and their gold content.  Take some time to check out some of the gold buyer reviews and other information presented on this website, as it may answer some of your most important questions about selling gold.

Important Qualities

One of the most common questions about gold is whether broken or mismatched jewelry is worth as much as pieces that are intact. Pieces that are broken or mismatched should not be worth less than other pieces; the really important qualities that add to the value of your items are their carat value and their weight.

Gold is one of the most objectively judged precious metals when bought and sold, and this makes it quite simple to determine the worth of your items.  The majority of places where you can sell your gold are looking to melt it down for the gold content, which is what makes the carat value and weight of your pieces paramount to determining their worth.

Place of Business

Where are you selling your gold?  Some pieces can be sold to jewelers and pawnshops, but these places will probably be hesitant to take broken or mismatched jewelry.  Jewelers will be more selective than pawnshops, but pawnshops may reject the pieces because they are not useful as collateral on loans.

A popular option for selling broken or mismatched gold jewelry are online gold buyers, which perform the same transactions as cash-for-gold stores you’ve likely seen advertised on TV.  Sometimes, clients are reluctant to send their gold pieces to a place they’ve never been, so you may want to take a look at these gold buyer reviews to get started.


In conclusion, broken gold jewelry can be worth as much as intact pieces because most places are looking for the scrap gold in the pieces and are not necessarily concerned with its resale value.  Some jewelers and pawnshops may also be looking for gold pieces to sell to be melted down, but you should ask the proprietor beforehand to make sure you’re not wasting time.

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