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How Much To Expect When Selling Your Gold

Posted on  Oct 25,2014

Cash for gold businesses have been all over the TV and radio in the last few years, touting and shouting about the fortunes you may have hiding in your cupboards or jewelry boxes, but how much will your gold really get you in today’s market? Before we talk about the actual math that goes into… Continue reading →

Sell Dental Gold – Find an Online Gold Tooth Buyer

Posted on  May 20,2014

With the price of gold constantly increasing, many people are going through all of their jewelry to find broken, old, mismatched jewelry pieces that they don’t want, need, or wear, but there are other kinds of gold that can be sold.  You can sell dental, electronic, and scrap gold as well.  However, these types of… Continue reading →

How Much Is Gold Selling Per Ounce?

Posted on  Apr 03,2014

In recent years, the gold market has exploded!  The price of gold continues to rise, and it currently stands around $1300 per troy ounce.  If you have scrap gold, old, mismatched, or broken jewelry, or gold coins sitting around, there are hundreds of companies looking to buy it from you.  The prices these companies offer… Continue reading →

Where is the Best Place to Sell Gold?

Posted on  Mar 13,2014

With so many options both online and off, the first question many people ask is which is the best place to sell their gold.  Unfortunately, this question is one that doesn’t have a cut-and-dry answer because the answer depends on a number of things.  For some who wish to cash in on the great gold… Continue reading →