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How Much Can I Sell My Gold Rings & Jewelry For?

Posted on  Nov 13,2014

While the process of selling your gold is fairly straightforward, many people are wary of it because, especially with online sellers, you don’t have face-to-face contact and are forced to relinquish the items without an estimate on their value. Receiving a good estimate on your pieces can be tricky, so here are three tips to… Continue reading →

Broken Gold Jewelry: Is It Worth As Much?

Posted on  Oct 27,2014

If you’re new to the gold market, you probably have a lot of questions about how it works, how you can determine the worth of your items, which items are worth more, etc.  Here is a simple guide to determining the worth of your pieces according to current market prices and their gold content.  Take… Continue reading →

Scrap Gold Calculator: How Much Is Your Gold Worth

Posted on  May 22,2014

Scrap gold refers to any gold that is sent to a refinery or processed for recycling, and it can include jewelry, coins, gold bars, and more.  There are literally thousands of companies online and off who are vying for your business; the gold market has been exploding for the last few years, and the market… Continue reading →

14k Gold Prices: How to Calculate the Value of 14k Gold

Posted on  May 12,2014

Calculating the value of gold is fairly easy, as you only need a few values.  You also only need a few items to do so for your pieces at home.  The rest of this post will give you the information you need to calculate the value of your 14k gold pieces.   Tools You Need… Continue reading →

Can I Sell My Diamond Ring to a Pawn Shop?

Posted on  Apr 12,2014

When one seeks to sell jewelry or other important items, pawnshops are often the first option that come to mind.  There are, of course, pros and cons to selling your diamond ring to a pawnshop, which we list below, as well as alternatives to pawnshops if you decide that it is not your best option.… Continue reading →