Gold Blog: Selling Silver

International Gold, Silver, and Diamond Buyers

Posted on  Apr 28,2014

The international markets for precious metals and stones have been exploding recently, with prices continuously increasing.  Disregarding international exchange rates, gold, silver, and diamond selling prices have been increasing for years, and the gold market is starting to be driven by certain governments buying gold for their own reserves.  This trend could be troubling, but… Continue reading →

Selling Sterling Silver Serving Pieces

Posted on  Apr 10,2014

Silver Values Silver, as a precious metal, is significantly less valuable on the open market than gold is, and its value has vacillated between fifteen and thirty dollars per troy ounce in the past year.  According to Monex, silver values look to be increasing in coming months, and this may be a good time to… Continue reading →

Where Can I Sell Sterling Silver Flatware?

Posted on  Mar 28,2014

Just like gold and other precious metals, sterling silver values have increased significantly in recent years.  There are a number of businesses and individuals looking to purchase items and scrap made of these metals for a variety of reasons.  Some look to melt and recycle the metal, while others are interested in the intrinsic historic… Continue reading →