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What Else is Gold Used For? Interesting Uses of Gold

Posted on  Jun 25,2017  by 

We all know the common uses of gold. People wear it or store it. In both cases, you could argue it’s not the gold itself that is of primary interest but the value and cultural significance we associate with it. If you don’t believe me, try buying your lover something made of fool’s gold. “But… Continue reading →

Sell Dental Gold – Find an Online Gold Tooth Buyer

Posted on  May 20,2014  by 

With the price of gold constantly increasing, many people are going through all of their jewelry to find broken, old, mismatched jewelry pieces that they don’t want, need, or wear, but there are other kinds of gold that can be sold.  You can sell dental, electronic, and scrap gold as well.  However, these types of… Continue reading →