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How Much To Expect When Selling Your Gold

Posted on  Oct 25,2014  by 

Cash for gold businesses have been all over the TV and radio in the last few years, touting and shouting about the fortunes you may have hiding in your cupboards or jewelry boxes, but how much will your gold really get you in today’s market? Before we talk about the actual math that goes into… Continue reading →

Scrap Gold Calculator: How Much Is Your Gold Worth

Posted on  May 22,2014  by 

Scrap gold refers to any gold that is sent to a refinery or processed for recycling, and it can include jewelry, coins, gold bars, and more.  There are literally thousands of companies online and off who are vying for your business; the gold market has been exploding for the last few years, and the market… Continue reading →

International Gold, Silver, and Diamond Buyers

Posted on  Apr 28,2014  by 

The international markets for precious metals and stones have been exploding recently, with prices continuously increasing.  Disregarding international exchange rates, gold, silver, and diamond selling prices have been increasing for years, and the gold market is starting to be driven by certain governments buying gold for their own reserves.  This trend could be troubling, but… Continue reading →