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Sell Your Gold Wedding Band: A Guide to Cashing In

Posted on  Sep 23,2014  by 

If you’re looking to sell your gold wedding band, you can easily find a place to buy it.  The gold market has been growing for the last few years, and the number (and type) of gold buyers have also increased.  You can find local jewelers, reputable pawn shops, and online gold companies that will purchase… Continue reading →

How Much Does a 14K Gold Ring Sell For

Posted on  Apr 25,2014  by 

While the market price of gold is more or less consistent at any given time, what you will get for jewelry pieces will vary depending on where you decide to sell.  Of course, each alternative for selling gold has its own advantages, and the most important thing is that you feel confident in the transaction,… Continue reading →

How Much Can I Sell My 14K Gold Wedding Band For?

Posted on  Apr 02,2014  by 

Selling your wedding band and other sentimental pieces of gold may be one of your last options in the current economy, with student and consumer debt piling high and the price of gold constantly increasing.  Gold coins, gold from electronics, broken and mismatched jewelry, and dental gold are all accepted by gold buyers across the… Continue reading →